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Mike's Personal Page

Welcome To Mike Erickson's Personal Page

** Warning **

This could be boring to the average person. This is Mike's incomplete, yet unexhaustive, autobiography. You may want to try Mike's resume, instead.


Age: 74 years old
Residence: The Villages
State: FL
Country: USA



I was born as a baby (natch) in Deming, New Mexico, USA, in the vicinity of October 23, 1944, back before there was air. My dad was in the Army Air Corps. He always joked, "My goal in life is to work behind a door that says 'private. [military humor]'" When the war (WWII) was over, Dad returned to Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. in California. He worked behind a door that said, "Janitor."

Well, the phone company moved him around a lot. Naturally, we followed. Mostly we lived in central California: Salinas (artichoke capital of the world), Hollister (earthquake capital of the world), Prunedale (the boonies--at least when I lived there). When I was in the third grade, we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. We lived in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto until we finally settled in Mountain View when I was in the sixth grade. Dad finally got the door that said, "private." He reads the newspaper there. We could have named it, 'library," just as well.

I played football, participated in student government, began playing the guitar and singing folk songs, and graduated from Los Altos High School.



After a short period as a frameman with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company (now Pacific Bell), I did 20 years as a Navy pilot (not a Blue Angel, though). While in the Navy, I traveled to many interesting places in the world: Iceland, Azores, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Crete, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Diego Garcia (garden spot of the Indian Ocean). None are like the good 'ol US of A. Here are all of my duty stations:

Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School, Pensacola, FL
Primary Flight Training, VT-1, Saufley Field, FL
Basic Flight Training, VT-6, Forest Sherman Field, NAS Pensacola, FL
Advanced Flight Training, VT-27, NAS Corpus Christi, TX
Celestial Navigation School, NAS Corpus Christi, TX
Patrol Squadron 30, NAS Patuxent River, MD
Patrol Squadron 44, NAS Patuxent River, MD - NAS Brunswick, ME
Navy Recruiting District, San Francisco, CA
USS Oriskany, CVA-34, Alameda, CA
Navy Recruiting District, Nashville, TN
Patrol Squadron 6, NAS Barbers Point, HI
Navy Recruiting District, Indianapolis, IN

After retiring in Indianapolis, Indiana, I worked for a great local company, Paper Art (now called Creative Expressions), an upscale design paper tableware manufacturer.

Then I worked for fifteen great years at Wood-Mizer Products, the world's largest, and best, portable sawmill manufacturer. They use Syteline manufacturing software. The software is made by MAPICS., which acquired Frontstep Corporation, which which changed its name from Symix Corporation. I think MAPICS has since been sold.

Now I live the life of leisure with my wife in The Villages, Florida. Our community has been called Disneyland for adults. Visit the site, you'll see why.


I love to play the guitar and lead singing for youth worship. See music links on my home page.

I enjoy crossword puzzles. Charlene (my wife) and I enjoy doing them together when we get the time (which we now have plenty of).

Gardening brings me peace of mind. I'm not a lover of lawn mowing, but gardening is refreshing. See my homepage garden links.

Woodworking is really rewarding. I don't build any fine furniture, but birdhouses, shelves, and workbenches are within my reach. I belong to the Villages Woodworkers Club. We have access to the finest equipment and the guys and gals in the club are cool, too.

Sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Ahhhhh. Now that's a serious hobby. (Now I get to sleep in almost every day).

Since retiring, I've taken up golf after a multi-year hiatus. I'm still not very good, but I'm getting better.

Drinking a cup of really good strong coffee.

Reading. Mysteries, thrillers, and meidcal novels. I also like good short stories that are not too far out there.

If you've made it this far, you might as well check out my photo album.

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Last Updated: Nov 11, 2017

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